10 Items Every New Homeowner Needs From the Hardware Store


Moving from an apartment to a home is more than just a change of address. Because renters merely pay to use someone else’s property, they are not responsible for maintenance and repairs. But when you purchase your own abode, you become the handyman. With that in mind, here are ten things every new homeowner should buy at the hardware store.

1. Claw Hammer

Even if you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll need a hammer to handle the most basic home projects such as hanging pictures and assembling furniture. Be sure to buy one that has a claw end for removing bent, damaged, or unwanted nails.

2. Screwdriver

Actually, you’ll need to buy two of them from your local hardware store: a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver. These indispensable hand tools can be used to open paint cans, assemble toys, and for general household maintenance.

3. Tape Measure

Whether you need to know the size of your windows before putting in new blinds or how high the doorframe is, a tape measure is an absolute must. Trust us; they are far more convenient than carrying around a yardstick!

4. Electric Drill

Many of the most popular home projects require the creation of new holes for new screws. Replacing a doorknob, lock, or broken hinge can be completed in no time with the help of an electric drill from you local hardware store.

5. Crescent Wrench

Even if you aren’t a licensed plumber, you can use a crescent wrench to complete minor repairs like tightening a loose faucet handle. More experienced home handymen can use the tool to open up a U-bend and remove an object that’s clogged the sink.

6. Needle Nose Pliers

Used to grip, bend, strip, or cut wires, needle nose pliers are needed for any kind of electrical work. You might use them to fix a broken light switch or to add an electrical outlet.

7. Utility Knife

Why make things harder than they have to be? Instead of trying to pry open boxes, packages, and plastic envelopes with your bare hands, use a trusty utility knife. The popular tool can be purchased for only a few dollars at most hardware stores.

8. Flashlight

There are many places in the average home that don’t get enough (or any) light. With the help of a flashlight, you can illuminate these areas. It also comes in handy when there’s a blackout, and you need to find supplies.

9. Putty Knife

A versatile, inexpensive tool, a putty knife can be used to remove wallpaper or paint or to spread Spackle over small holes or cracks in walls.

10. Plunger

No matter how careful you might be, odds are you will clog a toilet or two in your time. Available at any hardware store, a plunger is one of the cheapest, most effective tools for clearing blocked pipes. Although most commonly used on toilets, they can also be used to release stoppages from sinks and bathtubs.

Any homeowner can save time and money on household maintenance and repair with the help of the aforementioned items.

Source by Andrew Stratton

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