7 Benefits of Integrating CCTV With Your POS System


If security camera’s are electronically linked to the POS terminal, you can overlay actual images of customers and staff with till receipts. Who can benefit of a combined point of sale and cctv system?

Any venue operator that needs to:

1. Provide proof of who sold what, to who, when and at what price – time and date stamped evidence quality images.

2. Search quickly for voids, refunds and other detailed transactions based on time of day, staff member, or other criteria – powerful POS search, exception and variance reporting functions.

3. Eliminate fraud – a powerful visual deterrent and full variance and ex

4. View how staff interact with customers – see live, detailed sales transactions.

6. Be in many places at the same time – full remote internet viewing and reporting.

7. Get a birds eye view of their business – small unobtrusive camera’s can be linked to one or multiple pos terminals.

What is Digital CCTV?

A digital, multi channel surveillance system that uses advanced MPEG4 compression technologies. Images are evidence quality, time and date stamped. A large number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your CCTV software system and viewed on site or remotely via the internet. CCTV footage is recorded on a dedicated Digital Video Recorder located on or offsite. Sensitive motion detectors ensure you only have footage of activity, not dead time.

What is POS?

Point of sale systems usually combine cash register features with fully featured business management software. Able to connect sales, cash inventory, stock, staff, reporting, most features a venue needs to run their day to day operation are included. Real time reporting gives owner operators complete visibility of their business. Automated business processes help reduce costs and speed up day to day operations.

Source by K M Gad

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