CCTV: A New Measure of Public Safety


We have come a long way on the road of development and are much advanced today but don’t you all agree that despite of the development our safety is always under the constant threat?

There is not a single day when you do not hear or see news regarding theft, rape or killing that keeps you haunted and which is why the question arises how to keep ourselves and our loved ones guarded and protected.

How CCTV helps?

Gone are the days of cameras with black and white clips or blurred picture quality. Thanks to our tech say engineers who now develop the efficient CCTV cameras which have an amazing picture quality and ability to focus even on distant objects.

Keep an eye: CCTV cameras record each and every instance that is happening around them and thus they can be used as a significant tool to detect the criminal. They are installed at various places like malls, offices, museums, roads, parks and even outside the houses. Various cases of accident, robbery, murder or other misconduct remain unsolved due to lack of identification but security cameras have come to our rescue as they hold all the information in the video clips.

Powerful evidence in Jurisdiction: It is observed that in various cases of murder, rape and theft most of the criminals get to div-agate around freely as there is unavailability of proper evidence. These days market possess even night vision CCTV cameras as most of the illegal activities takes place during night only and not all cameras are able to do the task in dim light which is why cameras with night vision are gaining much popularity.

En-sconce the terror into trouble makers: There is nothing new in this theory that even the most mischievous child behaves properly when someone is keeping an eye on them and the same applies to the lawbreakers of society. The crime rate itself cuts down drastically when there is a device which is continuously recording all their prohibited activities.

Safety of Women: Security of women is currently a much debated issue as n number of cases of rape, molestation and assault are reported everyday which keeps the women of our society traumatized. They are not even safe in their own city especially during nights. This is why in many cities our law system have started installing night vision CCTV cameras to ensure that women are shielded and even if any mis-happening takes place then at least they will have the recording of the misconduct and can find the criminal.

With an array of benefits the importance of CCTV in our life has become priceless and irreplaceable. Parents can now relax after sending their children to school, colleges or dormitory, citizens can sleep peacefully at night and women can roam fearlessly in the city as they all know that someone somewhere is watching and keeping a record of all the irksome activities which the criminals cause. CCTV cameras are thus the boon for society which is continuously dealing with anarchy and enormity.

Source by Deepak Dubey

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