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God has blessed & anointed my vajajay, ‘chop me’ to cure all your infertility problems – Female Pastor

Female pastor Mrs. Veronica, the founder of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria has made a wonderful statement that has caused a social media uproar.

Mrs. Veronica in her statement said she offers help to men who have infertility problems thus any man that ‘chops her’ will be healed of his fertility problem because God has blessed her with an anointed Vag1na.

The female pastor made this statement during one of her Sunday church service in her church in Nigeria.

She went ahead to give her phone number so that any man with such a problem can contact her for a one-on-one session.

Further on to justify and make others believe especially men in her claims she took to social media precisely facebook to wite on her wall.

She wrote: “God gave me an anointed vagina, you only have to sleep with me and get healed of all your infertility problems. Men have gone through a lot in this generation and God sent me to liberate them. You can choose to believe my anointing or leave it but it remains true”.

See screenshot of her post on Facebook:

What is the world turning into? Some Pastors are now turning upside down the work of God ah! she had the guts to say it in church? eish!

Source: ghpage.com

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