Networking and Advocacy


Networking is such a useful tool for building relationships. It is also an excellent way to develop communication skills, build your brand and bring awareness to initiatives and meaningful causes. Lending support and using a platform for change is both powerful as it is effective.

Listed below are helpful ways that savvy networkers can influence, promote and encourage various endeavors.

Be Heard

Using your voice to support a worthy cause can have tremendous effects. Being able to have conversations and dialogues within your networks can be a strategic method of generating awareness. Another great way to bring attention to your cause is to transfer your voice onto social media. Post regularly with a consistent message to your online community. Of course, do your due diligence and post ethically and show professionalism and responsibility.

Be Seen

Take it a step further and create a public platform to promote initiatives. Exhibiting in trade and industry shows, presenting workshops or talks and doing training can gather a lot interest. Also, aligning with bigger organizations and associations as a spokesperson can significantly impact your networks.

Be Accessible

In your methods of being an advocate, make it easy for people to connect with you. Use apps and technology which allows seamless scheduling for meetings and presentations. Update your social media profiles on a regular basis and offer your direct contact information. Make sure that you check your messages frequently and respond in a timely manner to inquires. Last but not least, be open to expanding your networks through introductions, referrals and leads.

Use these simple and effective tips to create an opportunity to support others. Apply your networking knowledge and resources to increase your reach and influence.

Source by Chi Chi Okezie

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