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It is important to feel and be confident while you are networking and making connections. Many savvy networkers are positioning themselves to not only be experts in their field or industry but also build their personal brand. In order to be successful in those endeavors, it is critical to have top notch executive presence.

Listed below are helpful tips and practical strategies for exhibiting this communicative quality.


There are many benefits to having a strong executive presence. In the realm of non verbal communication, it can exude confidence, assurance, reliance and sureness. There is a sense of professionalism and credibility which can make you appear competent and capable. In regards to networking, this can add a layer of trust for gaining referrals, leads and introductions.


Having an executive presence can make you more respected and admired by others. As you are developing and growing your networks, this can be a pivotal component in reaching your goals. It is also an excellent way of building your personal brand and creating a following, tribe or ambassadors. Of course, it is essential that you align this particular trait with your actions and core values.

Leader of the Pack

Last but not least, this type of communicative quality offers a platform for leadership. You can shape your networks and be a resource or go-to-person who is known for solving problems and making changes. It is another way to position yourself to be notable in your industry or among your colleagues.

Use these tips to master the art of networking. Continue to use this skill to demonstrate professionalism and make good connections within your efforts.

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