Quamina MP is next in line to ‘chop’ Efia Odo after Kwesi Arthur-Insider

For the past 24 hours, one of the biggest trending news on social media is the report that Kwesi Arthur, the popular Ghanaians musician not only sleep with girls by heart, he also impregnates them and forces them to abort.

According to a friend of Kwesi Arthur’s ex-girlfriend, her friend committed abortion 2 times for the singer and always thought she was a serious girlfriend until he dumped her.

The exposè went on to reveal that Efia Odo has been dating Kwesi Arthur for months now secretly.

Efia Odo has been pregnant for Kwesi Arthur and aborted a couple of times. Efia Odo believes she is the serious girl of Kwesi Arthur but Kwesi is just playing her.

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Another allegation has popped about Efia Odo and Kwesi Arthur’s fellow musician, Quamina MP.

According to insiders close to Kwesi Arthur and Quamina MP, the next person in line to sleep with Efia Odo is Quamina MP.

The insider claims that Kwesi Arthur and Quamina MP is in on this despite Efia Odo assuming that she is the serious girlfriend of Kwesi Arthur.

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Efia Odo too suffer oo….lol

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