Social media users displeased over expensive graves in Ashanti Region

It’s amazing how Africans especially Ghanaians accord much respect and importance to the dead than to the living.

Funerals in Ghana are always a display of wealth with the intention of celebrating the life of the dead.

Now, it has become a norm for relatives to build luxurious tombs and penthouses as a final resting place for their dead ones.

There are some cemeteries in Ghana that are only for the rich and those who can afford it.

Ghpage.com has chanced upon a video where some netizens have expressed displeasure over some expensive tombs and penthouses at the cemetery.

They are of the view that monies that are used to construct luxurious homes for the dead can be used for something beneficial for the living.

However, some also believe that luxurious funerals and tombs are ways of honouring the dead according to the lives they lived on earth.

Watch the video below;

Read comments below;

Emmanuel Osei Yeboah wrote; “Hahaha, it sounds funny but its high time we put an end to these nonsense ..We can invest those monies to the needy”.

Eva Corex also stated; “All these are meaningless and stupid way of spending money”.

Richard Dartey also had this to say; “We have a long way to go, the dead need to be buried but not at a huge cost. Putting up a building at a cemetery for the dead is not necessary, you can build a library in the memory of the dead person for the benefit of our student or something beneficial for the living”.

Anna Antwiaa added; “Ghana, waste of money”.

Frank Boadi wrote; “Pressure everywhere”.

Odehyieba Kwame Okyere asked; “hahahahahah….cemetery mansions. Eiiii, is that challenge or what?

Dallas America commented; “In Islam, we don’t accept this”.

Alex Mensah added; “Word hard in life and you will be given a fitting burial. It’s respect and memorial to the dead. Why will you build a mansion for your family and be buried like a pauper? Give me a break”.

Mogobe Sulley also wrote; “My brother I will advise you to hustle hard so that when you die your family members will not throw you away. Only the poor will complain about this”

Source: ghpage.com

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