Was The Woman Whose Face Is Minted On The Ghana’s 50 Pesewa Coin, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Girlfriend???…

There are a lot of women activist who have supported and participated in Ghanaian media history since time immemorial. These were women who dedicated themselves fully to be seen in the spotlight of our political arena. Marion Odamtten, Mabel Dove Danquah, and Efua Scheck etc are such women who decided to use the space that was given them to propagate freedom from the arbitrary rule from the colonialist.  The history of Ghana is enriched with little known stories of women leading and supporting the charge for independence and self-rule. Thus this write up seeks to elaborate how Rebecca Naa Dedei Aryeetey: contributed to the nations development in achieving freedom and self-rule during Kwame Nkrumahs regime and earning herself the opportunity for her face to be minted on the Ghana’s 50 pesewas coin…

Rebecca Naa Dedei Ayitey (a.k.a. Dedei ASHIKISHAN) is the lady whose face is minted on Ghanas 50 pesewas coin she was a Pioneer, Political Activist, Feminist and a Chief Financier of the Convention Peoples Party led by Dr Kwame Nkrumah. She died at 38 from poisoning (1924 to 1960).

She supported the party with everything she had especially with her money, which tells how selfless she was. Her home reportedly became an unofficial headquarters for CPP women activities. She had gone into flour business immediately after she completed her basic education. At age 30, she was seen as the queen of all flour dealers, thats where the name Ashikishan meaning flour in Ga came from. Dedei became CPP financier and a wealthy flour queen, thus it was out of that money she used in fueling the day to day activities of the party. Dedei reportedly became a wealthy women in her own right and she used that to support the CPP.

Other sources asserts that the woman on the 50 pesewa coin is a true representation of a Ghanaian Market Woman a very influential person. The Market Woman is not one woman in particular, but she represents the thousands of women throughout Ghana who dedicate their days to selling their goods at the marketplace. These women have been extremely influential to the country due to their contributions to the countrys economy. These women are so influential that theyve even been incorporated into Ghanaian currency. Thus that is a true depiction and a representation of a selfless caring woman who would be willing to risk their lives and give all they have just to serve humanity, Rebecca Naa Dedei Ayitey


She campaigned and funded Nkrumah to win in Ashiedu Keteke, the nerve center of the Ga-Dangme Confederacy. That made her to attract more attention from the opposition at her own risk.

Dedei reportedly died when she was 38 years old from a suspected targeted food poisoning. It occurred when she accompanied Kwame Nkrumah to a CPP party function in Ho in the Volta Region. It was there that she was reportedly served some tea and five minutes later she started complaining of stomach pains. It is believed that her family was told after the 1966 coup that her tea that morning was deliberately poisoned because she knew way too much, she had too much knowledge of top secrets about Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah. Her closeness to Nkrumah and the usual rumors made her a target according to a Facebook post from Abraham Noi Tetteh. Moreover, it is said that Nkrumah cried like a child after he had heard of her demise.

Women have always been the greatest supporters and leaders of our progress. Hence their contribution, involvement and participation in Ghanaian history will always be remembered.

Written : By Rabboni gh

Edited and Published : By  247

Source: Kuulpeeps.com||Abraham Noi Tetteh||The GaDagbe







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